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Brad Freeman clinches winning spot with Bickers at Maxxis FIM EnduroGP World Championship

Brad Freeman chose a winning combination of Bickers’ brands, Maxxis, Motorex and CZ, to help him on his way to victory at the 2017 Maxxis FIM EnduroGP World Championship.

The British born, Beta Boano rider, showed onlookers exactly what he’s made of in the final day of the championship, where he made his stamp and championed in the Junior Class category.

When the world title is up for grabs, the best quality parts and accessories are essential. Brad put his confidence into three quality Bickers’ brands for the competition, including Maxxis MaxxCross Enduro tyres, Motorex’s Cross Power 2T racing gear oil and off-road chain lube, and CZ’s 520ORMX gold chain for his bike.

Showing his utter determination and resilience, Brad managed to secure the win even after losing his entire rear brake in the final round. Speaking to Enduro GP shortly after the race, Brad said: “What a day. What a season. I can’t believe it, I was having a great day, doing exactly what I needed to do, and was about 30 seconds ahead. I was ready to calm things down and just make sure I got to the finish when three corners into the final enduro test a stick went through my rear brake and jammed it on. It kept sticking on, I lost about 15 seconds.

“Then I lost my rear brake all together. I rode the final extreme test with no rear brake, which was interesting. It pretty much all came down to the final cross test and I went for it. I gave it everything. I’m so, so happy. From missing the opening round of the series in Finland I can’t believe I’m world champion.”

Bickers has been the one stop shop for motorcycle parts and accessories for over 40 years and is proud to be the sole distributor of Motorex oils and Maxxis motorcycle tyres in the UK, as well as offering CZ chains to dealers up and down the country, with next day delivery and great profit margins.

Bickers’ managing director, Derek McMartin, added: “Maxxis, Motorex and CZ, have noticed Brad rising in the ranks and seen his talent on the track, it says a lot when you get sponsored by top tier brands like these, which we’re proud to distribute in the UK. He’s a phenomenal rider and really deserved to win the Enduro GP Junior Class 2017 title, congratulations on a fantastic season Brad!”

To find out more about the deals that Bickers offers on good, better and best brands chosen by Brad, including Maxxis tyres, Motorex oils and CZ chains, or to purchase, please click here.

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