Bickers launches new catalogue with free carriage promotion

After adding several high-profile brands and new product lines to its portfolio of good, better and best motorcycle parts and accessories in recent months, Bickers has compiled a new 552-page catalogue, which is now available to order. To help launch the catalogue, Bickers is offering free carriage on all parts ordered between the 22nd and 26th of May.


Ferodo’s iconic friction products benefit from a rich racing heritage that ensures Ferodo brake pads, shoes, discs and clutch components are currently specified in many of the worlds most demanding racing series.

Ferodo availability announced

The premium Ferodo product is now available to order from Bickers, following the announcement that the good, better and best motorcycle parts and accessories firm will be distributing the Ferodo product lines earlier this year.

Ferodo Overview

Ferodo Medium


Ferodo is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and aftermarket products. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation. Today, Ferodo is synonymous with excellence and a continued commitment to developing braking solutions for the future.

As a result, Ferodo has naturally become the preferred choice in the supply of Original Equipment, and a trusted name in braking. Ferodo provides premium quality brake parts to the world’s leading manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Pioneering research, innovative development, bold engineering and testing products on the road all ensure the safety and reliability of their products. Ferodo has one promise: to put you in control, with products and services designed for all vehicles to help you to work efficiently, profitably and most of all, safely in all conditions.


Ferodo Brake Pads are available in a range of compounds adapted for use in road, off-road and race conditions



Road Use - Outstanding quality/price ration

A medium-high and constant friction level provides excellent control and braking performance.

  • Outstanding quality/price ratio
  • Excellent pad life without causing elevated
    disc wear
  • Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs
  • Good performance in wet conditions
  • Suitable for use with ABS systems
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Road use - Original Equipment formulation for scooter, maxi-scooter and moped ROAD use

This carbon grip compound is designed for scooters and smaller CC motorcycles.

  • OE quality compound
  • Excellent pad life
  • Prolonged disc life
  • Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs
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Cat Img Ferodo Platinum PPLATINUM P

Road use - Premium organic road formulation

A carbon grip compound for high performance road use that incorporates the technology gained from Ferodo’s world racing programme. The material has been developed to provided high and consistent braking torque whilst ensuring a longer pad life. Suitable for all road bikes requiring organic (resin) pad technology.

  • High friction level (μ) for all motorcycles
  • Excellent modulation characteristics
  • Low disc wear (compared to sintered compounds)
  • Consistent performance throughout the life of the pad
  • Suitable for use with ABS systems
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Road use - Polished pads for V-Twin custom bikes. Minimises scoring and dusting

The PRP pad is specifically designed for applications & owners for which disc appearance is a primary consideration. The pad composition has been optimised to maintain performance, whilst minimising deposition and scoring. Non-depositing lubricants carefully balance out the effect of the abrasive components such that friction output is maintained whilst avoiding streaks and score marks, with the result that even polished rotors retain their lustre.

  • Extremely low friction material deposition on the disc
  • Minimal rotor abrasion on polished finishes
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Cat Img Ferodo Race CP1COMPETITION CP1

Race use - Ideal for when calliper temperature needs minimising

From the demands of the Isle of Man TT to the circuits of the World Superbike, our ceramic grip racing range provides
the performance and modulation required by the world’s best riders. Developed from Ferodo’s extensive racing heritage.

  • Excellent bite, performance and modulation
  • Very kind to discs
  • Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs
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Road use - HH Rated sintered material (highest friction rating obtainable). Offers the ultimate braking performance and control in both wet and dry conditions

This sintered metal compound has the highest bite and braking performance of all the materials in the Ferodo road pad range.

  • Highest coefficient of friction (μ) in Ferodo road pad range
  • HH Rated (highest friction rating possible)
  • Performs equally well in wet and dry conditions
  • Minimal bedding-in time
  • Suitable for stainless steel discs only
  • Suitable for use with ABS systems
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Road use - Developed for high performance scooters

A range of sintered metal brake pads covering popular high performance scooters. Product developed specifically for the needs of the Maxi Scooter rider.

  • Short braking distances with outstandingbrake control
  • Good wet weather braking
  • Long pad life without causing elevated disc wear
  • Suitable for use with ABS systems
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Off-Road use - Offers superior performance and life in both muddy and dry conditions

This sintered compound is for off-road use and is suitable for both dry and muddy conditions

  • Excellent performance and stability throughout temperature range
  • Designed to perform well with the presence of abrasive particles coming from muddy conditions
  • Outstanding pad life even in muddy conditions
  • Suitable for stainless steel discs only
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Race use - Offers unparalleled braking performance. Incorporates Ferodo’s innovative Array Cooling for 15% disc temperature reduction

XRAC and ZRAC have been used in top level racing use for several years. The materials have been formulated to give an aggressive and instantaneous bite, with high and consistent friction levels throughout a range of temperatures, speeds and operating conditions. The unique array cooling(AC) concept also means that the pads run at lower temperatures than conventionally featured pads. This serves to keep the brake fluid at a lower temperature, avoids smearing and further prolongs the pad life.

  • Aggressive and instantaneous pad bite
  • Outstanding resistance to high temperature fade
  • Extremely high friction coefficient (μ)
  • Consistent performance throughout pad life
  • Reduced smearing and material deposition on disc
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All discs are manufactured with heat treated, high carbon stainless steel that provides:

  • Higher friction coefficients
  • Improved wear
  • Reduced weight
  • Increased strength

MXR Discs: New disc range for motocross applications features a patented dirt expulsion system meaning braking consistency, even in the muddiest conditions

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Ferodo Brake Disc Box


Ferodo’s iconic friction products benefit from a rich racing heritage that ensures Ferodo brake pads and disc components are currently specified in many of the worlds most demanding racing series.

Whatever the application OE, Motorsport and as aftermarket products, all Ferodo customers benefit from the same world-class quality standards. Ferodo friction products have a total of 26 separate quality controls during their manufacture, which guarantees a repeatable and consistent aftermarket product.

The quality and value of the parts speak for themselves, but what makes Bickers stand out is the company’s commitment to its customers. 98 per cent of orders arrive with customers the next day, while stock availability is at a market high of 96 per cent. This means if you need it, chances are Bickers have it and will get it to you as soon as possible

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